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How should I manage my agreement?

We have mentioned some frequently asked questions below. If you ever have any queries, reach us on 020 7175 7594 or submit your query here.


Can I settle my account before the end of my agreement?

Yes, of course, you can payback as early as you wish any time during the agreement. In that case, you will be eligible for a premature settlement rebate depending on how much you are into your rent 2 buy term. Subject to Terms and conditions.


Can I change to another car or van?

Yes. You can switch or upgrade your car or van at any point. But please keep in mind that you will only begin to getting positive equity in your vehicle as soon as the half way phase is completed. Therefore, you may be required to submit a new deposit if you want to change to another vehicle before that point. Our rent 2 buy is the most affordable and accommodating opportunity, specifically designed to get you on the road in your desired car or van without any fuss.


Am I allowed to reschedule my payment date or day?

Yes. The rent 2 buy agreement is a legally binding contract requiring both parties to abide by. If you want to change the repayment date or day, please contact us on 020 7175 7594 from Monday to Friday between 9.00am to 5.00pm.