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London Cars and Vans Company honours itself by making buying your new car so simple, easy and completely stress-free. Yes, you heard it right! Buying your new car is now much easier and convenient than before. We have made this possible by introducing one of the simplest and effortless finance a car facility to enable you to purchase your dream car. No doubt buying a car is an important decision. Even for many people, it’s among the primary objectives or significant decisions of their life span.

It is always essential to go for the right finance options. We at London Cars and Vans deal with a wide range of industry’s leading financers and are not bound to any supplier – this way allows us offering you the best possible deal in terms of value and flexibility for your particular circumstances, by looking freely for the highly competitive rates in the whole market. You can finance any sum out of your balance and you can avail the loan facility for an extended period of time to facilitate your need as much as possible. Just in case, if you have already chosen some other source of finance, still we would be glad to deal with that lender for you.

We intend to serve your financial needs, no matter what your circumstances are, we will try our best to find a lender that can offer you the best car finance deal fulfilling your requirement. We have plenty of pleasant surprising options to ease your financial assessment worries right away. Whether, it’s a worry of you not being able to get finance due to CCJ’s or previous credit issues, or you are afraid of your current debt, that needs you to pay more on your vehicle than its market price. In any of these scenarios don’t hesitate to contact us – because we know how to make it easy for you.

You can easily view the car finance options that we offer on our exclusive car details page, the quotation can be customised as per your requirements, or just search using monthly budget option here. If you ever need to know more, contact us.


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Why Finance Through a Dealership

What is Hire Purchase?

What is Personal Contract Purchase


The Process…

In general, from initial request to the confirmation stage it takes us

 2 hours 

during normal working hours.


1 Apply

Begin with applying for the finance you need via our Instant Finance Application Tool


2 Approved

We will assess your car finance request and get in touch with the relevant financiers regarding your request to reach an agreement in essence.


3 Tailored

Subsequently, we will approach you to discuss such as; your loan, rates, term and monthly installments. At this point, we can modify the agreement terms as per your requirement, for instance, if you got a specific monthly budget which needs the term or deposit to be adjusted accordingly. This will not be a compelling communication; you are in anyway not bound to continue our finance services. If you get a more suitable financier favouring your circumstances, then we will be happy with that, because our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction.

We will inform you of the required documentary proofs. Generally, just your Photo card driving license needed.


4 Documentation

Proofs are then verified and documents are signed.


5 Payout

Financier then approves the pay out so that you can drift your chosen car on the road!


By completely filling the below finance application, you will be allowing us to instantly get back to you with an accurate and timely decision regarding your car finance request.


You stay sure that:

There won’t be any compulsion of buying anything

The whole process is safe, secure and protected

Completing our form is too easy and quick

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