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How does Rent 2 Buy Works?

Simple and transparent, the way all car finance should be.

Search our site of cars and vans within our dealership. If the vehicle you are interested in is not in stock, do not hesitate to contact us with your required specifications and vehicle and we will be happy to get you exactly that.

Find your perfect car

Simple online application

Fast & Secure Approval

An Easy Going And Adjustable Car Finance With Maximum Control In Your Hand

For the average family, it is a difficult task to get a vehicle with a finance company if they have low income or bad credit, however, with our RENT2BUY scheme we take that worry away.

Our unique arrangement gives you maximum control to manage your weekly payments.

With our website, paying for your vehicle for you has never been easier. You’ll spend more time deciding on your perfect vehicle from our extensive range then you will filing in our quick and easy online application.

Once you have found your perfect match, contact us and we will work on your deposit and your weekly payments alongside a term that works for you from 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or a year.

How the Scheme Works?

We rent you the vehicle with a rental agreement based on what you can afford, once the vehicle is paid for in full we then give you the vehicle for one final payment to transfer the vehicle into your name with no money lending involved.


  1. The vehicle will remain the full property of the company until it’s paid for in full.
  2. The company will cover warranty work throughout your payment plan, however, you must get the vehicle back to us for repairs (we do not provide a recovery service).


If you fail to PAY, we will then take the vehicle back and you will lose your down payment and any payments made. (deposits are non-refundable).


  • We do not cover for wear and tear items or driver error.
  • We add an administration charge to the agreement and that is it. It could not be simpler.
  • We have a 99 % ACCEPTANCE rate with RENT2BUY
  • Own your car for as little as £30 a week
  • All you do is insure and tax the vehicle
  • Deposits range from £500-£1700
  • Deals and schemes to suit all
  • All vehicles come complete with 1 year MOT

In Control Clear and Simple Agreements

Our Rent2buy specialists assist people in different financial situations.

Instead of applying a general approach to your applications we review every one of them systematically and individually. At our in-house assessment facility, we get to the decisions based on our internal findings and treat your information in an extremely safe and secure way. Our specially designed system ensures that every request has been carefully considered and also that only those people get loans who have the potential to repay. This maintains your weekly payments manageable and our rates reasonable. Unlike conventional leasing, you own the car at the end of the term. Rent2Buy is an easy going option aimed to move you on the road without any trouble on your way!